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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I RECENTLY DID A yoga class where the teacher encouraged all us of to think about applying generosity towards our body instead of being forceful in every pose.

She encouraged us to be soft and smooth in our transitions between postures. It was actually a very challenging class doing many binding poses (wrapping arms around our bodies in lots of twisty ways) and she offered each pose as a context or contradiction for us to be in, and then offer softness.

The theme of her class was how much can we soften and find the inner sweetness when we are presented with very difficult situations (in this case the yoga poses, but also in life challenges that we all face day to day). It was a great class and really made me think about how I tend to contract, resist, avoid or shut down when I’m in a “bind.” She encouraged us to stand our ground in the difficult pose, turn inside and find some space and then soften, listen and forgive over and over again.

It is always fascinating to me when I’m working on something that is so physical and yet is inspiring and challenging in such an emotional and personal way.

What I love is when I am able to recognize myself in some bind in my life, and instead of becoming forceful I can soften and offer generosity as opposed to force and still stand my ground.

I’ve been in awe of all the fundraising events that people have creatively and generously done to help raise money to support people affected by the flood in Minden.

Out of such a difficult situation, such goodness and support and generosity has been offered again and again and again.

That is the light in a very dark situation.

 That is softening into what is and finding solutions and being helpful.

 Everyone who has helped and supported by leading or attending or donating should feel so proud of themselves. It all makes a difference.

Gail Holness, from Holness Yoga ( is using her creative and generous spirit to lead a “Green Yoga Class” on Saturday, June 29 at her studio in the rocking little hamlet of Donald. Gail is inviting people to bike or hike or carpool to her place for 9:30 a.m. to do some yoga and have refreshments.

Holly Bishop from SUP North will be there with some paddleboards for people to try on the river. It will be a great morning to have some fun and raise some funds for an important cause. Hope to see you there.

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