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Finding Martha

Updated: Jan 8

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Once or twice a year I travel somewhere for professional development for my yoga business.  I'm always a little nervous because I go on my own and don't know anyone else who is attending.  Over the years I have had so many surprise encounters with people that I now go to workshops and courses wondering who I will run into or connect with. I am always surprised and I always connect with someone.  Last week I was in Vancouver for my nephews high school  graduation and my sister gave me a gift of a yoga class at the Vancouver Aquarium - Yoga with the Belugas for World Ocean Day.  Over 100 people attended each paying $50.  The class was being lead by Eoin Finn(from Haliburton) so I went knowing that I would know someone in the Vancouver crowd.  I got to the aquarium early on the Friday morning and set up my mat as close to the Belugas as I could get.  I sat and proceeded to watch people arriving with groups of friends and there were lots of hugs and connections being made.  I waited quietly.  I was just feeling so lucky to be at this event.  The belugas were constantly swimming by me and pressing their noses up to the window. People were very happy.  Live music was playing.   It was just so much fun.  10 minutes before the event began I turned around, looked up and who was walking down into the yoga class but Martha Perkins!  I jumped up and ran over and we gave each other a big hug.  

Martha looks wonderful.  She is happy and vibrant and full of delight like she always was when I knew her in Haliburton.  She was covering the event for the Vancouver Urban Weekly (WE), a free newspaper where Martha is  the Managing Editor.  Martha stayed for the event and as we did the yoga I watched her work the crowd.  She was taking pictures, writing notes and laughing along with the rest of us.  Eoin is a very funny and inspiring teacher and she was soaking it all in.   It was so fun to watch her.  She is still as passionate as ever about people and events and community.  Of course I picked up a copy of the paper that she works for and looked through it  for articles by her.  She is still doing such good work at covering

human interest stories and profiling people who are inspirational.  One of

her articles that I read was about art a catalyst for positive social

change.   When I asked Martha how she liked her life in Vancouver she said she loved it, and with her job at the WE she can walk everywhere.  She is living active transportation!    So many connections between Vancouver and Haliburton.  It was great to see her.  I said hi from everyone in our


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