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Chocolate Love

Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

There is a little red leather, heart shaped box that sits on the kitchen table in our home.  We get it out every Valentines season and it is filled with little homemade heart shaped cards that we've collected over the years. I have an 11 year old daughter and she loves Valentines Day.  She loves the

red cinnamon heart candies, the little cards that get exchanged with the little matching envelopes that were bought at V&S, the family dinner we have etc.  For me,  I love the chocolate.  Valentine's season is all about the chocolate.   My friends and family will attest to the fact that I eat chocolate almost every day.  Valentine's Day is about love and sometimes I think I love chocolate as much as I love my husband, daughter and friends.

I love all chocolate: milk, dark, raw, in a box, on a stick, in a drink and even in my chili.  I love the endless varieties of chocolate.  Some of the best experiences in my life have included chocolate.  My friends and I have gone on many beautiful skiing, canoeing, hiking and biking adventures and we always say that we go to beautiful places to eat good food.  Chocolate is always top on the list.  I think that I am a better person when I eat chocolate.  I know that I am happier and I do think I have more energy. I've recently been learning a lot about raw chocolate and making sugar free raw chocolate treats and they just make my day.  So my Valentines gift to you is to share this yummy recipe that  got from Insyia Rasiwalla Finn. These treats are full of rich antioxidants like walnuts, lemon zest (which is very uplifting), dates, raw cocoa powder, cocoa nibs and coconut and they are easy to make.  Sometimes I add cinnamon and dried powdered ginger to them, sometimes cardamom, sometimes a hint of chipotle chili pepper to

speed up your metabolism and add some heat.  It all depends!  


1 cup raw organic walnuts (or almonds or cashews)

1/2 cup shredded organic coconut

1/4 cup raw organic coconut oil (softened)

Handful of cocoa nibs

1/2 cup dutch processed cocoa powder

Zest from 1 organic lemon

Juice from 1 organic lemon

Healthy pinch of sea salt

Handful of soft dates de-seeded

Spices to taste


Coarsely chop dates, add everything into a food processor, process until the mixture gets thick and clumpy.  I like it a bit granular, not too smooth, so a few minutes is usually about  all you need.  Taste for sweetness and spice/ flavor.  Adjust accordingly and pulse a few more times if you need to.

Then empty the mixture out into a bowl or large rimmed plate.  Form into little balls in your palms and roll in a plate of shredded coconut.  Place on a platter or in a box within layers of parchment paper and chill. And do try to restrain yourself from eating them all at once!

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