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Be a Hero

Updated: Jan 8

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The 12th annual Haliburton International Film is happening as I write this article.  I’ve attended 5  of the 7 movies so far and I have laughed out loud and hard, and cried big elephant tears.  The line up has been outstanding.  The theme for the movies this year is “Being the Hero of Your Own Life”  and the movies have all, in one way or another, highlighted a person or a group who have worked for change in a small or big way, or stood together in solidarity in a very difficult situation (Divine Order and The Silent Revolution) , or persevered when things have gotten a little out of control in the most ridiculously funny ways  (C’est la Vie). 

There was a beautiful  story (Sir) about a young servant girl in India who works for a rich Indian man and the story of what happens as they in many ways inspire each other (don’t want to give anything away in these movies).  It is a beautiful story of determination and kindness and love. “Lucky” is about the life of a 90 year old man.  It’s funny.  It’s touching.  We will all be there some day. There have been movies from Switzerland, Germany, India, USA, France, Canada and the final movie of the weekend is a Canadian/ Dutch/ Italian collaboration called “Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle. “ 

When we go to movies we step outside our lives in Haliburton County, and we are introduced to stories and places and people that we may never have heard of.  And we are exposed to ideas and possibilities.  Sometimes we are inspired, and other times confused or devastated.  We always have great conversations though..   I love this year’s theme of “Being the Hero of Your Own Life.”  I think it comes at a time when I, and perhaps many of us, feel concern for what is going on in the world and what we can possibly do to help or make a difference. It seems overwhelming and just too big at times.  And then, when I go into my own little pit of despair along comes some events that kick me  in the butt  and say carry on and do what you can. It matters.  I listened to Carol Off at the Haliburton County Library Gala last Sunday and she clearly said to the audience, do what you can to help people, to help your community. It makes a difference. She said it several times.  And then as I go through my week I teach my yoga classes and people come with their sore hips, their tired hearts, perhaps an anxiety or depression and together we support each other and start to focus on the breath and find the present moment.  We support each other up close and from a distance.  There are so many groups that meet regularly for those who like connecting in that way, whether its through your church, a choir or band, the library, sporting activities, book clubs, kitting groups, art groups etc.  There is something for everyone and all the people who organize them are making a difference in our county.  Currently my husband travels  to Orillia 3 or 4 nights a week to stay with his mother and step dad.  Jim’s mom fell 6 weeks ago and broke her hip and wrist.  She is 90 years old and has advanced dementia.  Jim and his step siblings take turns sleeping on the couch, helping Betty through out the day and night.  They are small acts of love with huge repercussions for Betty and her husband.  We all héro’s in our own lives and in the community. We all make a difference.  Thanks to the volunteers of HIFF for all your hard work. It makes a difference. Thanks to the  Library Gala Volunteers and Staff as well. Our community is rich.

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