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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

MY FRIEND WHOM I’ll call BCL is a strong, beautiful and vibrant woman. I attribute this to her healthy lifestyle. She  is retired and works on several community projects that she is passionate about. She gets regular exercise, loves to read and has great friends. I believe that all of that adds to her current state of beauty. She informed me it is the kale she has added into her daily diet that is making her stronger.  Kale is one of nature’s superfoods. The amino acids in kale are free-forming – which means they can be assimilated directly into the body and built into protein. Kale is also a powerful anti-ageing tool containing powerful antioxidants known as carotenoids and flavonoids, which protect your cells from free radicals that cause oxidative stress.  In honour of kale, and the gardening/market season that is upon us where the kale will be plentiful and my beautiful friend, I offer these two recipes  as ways of incorporating some kale into your great eating lifestyle. Enjoy!  Marinated Kale Slaw Salad  * 1 bunch of kale (any variety), chopped into bite size pieces with rib removed * 1 fennel * 1 head red cabbage * 2 carrots, shredded * 1 beet shredded * 2 tbsp hemp seeds * ½ cup olive oil or hemp oil * ¼ cup apple cider vinegar * 1 lemon, juiced * 2-4 tablespoons raw unpasteurized honey * 1 tsp sea salt Directions:  1. Shred the cabbage, carrots, beets and fennel in a food processor or with a grater or hand slice into thin strips. 2. In a mixing bowl, toss in all the raw vegetable ingredients (except the hemp seeds). 3. In a separate bowl mix together the vinaigrette. 4. Combine vinaigrette with raw veggies and toss together until the cabbage and kale are well coated. 5. Allow salad to marinate in fridge for a few minutes – or up to an hour, mixing in the hemp seeds just before serving. Full of colour, texture and flavour, this is a highly nutritious salad. The longer it marinates, the better it tastes!  Creamy Cherry Strawberry Kale Smoothie       


•    ½ cup frozen cherries

•    ½ cup frozen strawberries

•    ½ cup apple juice

•    1 very small shake of cinnamon

•    1 leaf kale

•    (optional) 1 tsp hemp oil

•    (optional) 1 tsp flax seed oil

•    1 large tbsp greek yogurt

•    Mix, blend and enjoy!

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