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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Hello all you wonderful people paying attention to the good vibrations that are around you!There are so many positive things happening these days and if you want to tell me about them you can email me at Stories can be 50 - 500 words, written or recorded. Together we all inspire each other, uplift each other and hold hope for ourselves and for the planet!

I’ve been thinking about the power of hope. As we light our advent candles each Sunday I contemplate hope, in a way that I never have, because of COVID. We all have to have hope for ourselves, our families, our community and the global planet. And we each need to do whatever acts, big or small, that contribute to having hope for all.

The story that gives me hope this week comes from the Schell family who live in Haliburton. Many of you will know Shelley from the Haliburton School of Art and Design: Fleming College, Luke from Perfect Prints and Chyna & Quinn who grew up in this community dancing their hearts out! Chyna is the owner of Haliburton Dance Arts. This story comes from Olly, who is the son of Chyna and Sam, grandson of Shelly and Luke. The story begins Saturday December 5 when Olly, who is 8 years old, found a $5 bill on the ground at our local arena. He decided he wanted to donate the $5 towards purchasing items for our local food bank. Shelley posted a photo of him with the $5 in hand on Facebook.

A friend’s two children who saw what he did decided to match his donation. $15 were donated. And then the story started to spread on Facebook and Instagram. Donations started to come in from The United Kingdom, Honduras and from across Canada. By December 11 $1170 had been raised. And then 2 of our local businesses stepped in and upped the anty. Haliburton Foodland pledged that they would match all funds donated by Saturday Dec 12 and Eleanor and Chris Dobbins of CDH Carpentry made the same offer. There is so much hope in this beautiful story. One person, (an 8 year old no less) doing one small act of generosity that is making a big difference gives all of us hope. Local business that give and give again and again to support the community give so much hope. This story demonstrates how social media has the power to connect us to help each other locally and globally. On thing COVID has taught us is that we are all connected, and the health of every being is essential. We must work together, support each other and hold hope. This story is not over. If you want to donate you can e-transfer funds to chyna, and she will add your contribution. As I write this article over $1500 has been donated, and will have been matched by the above two local businesses.

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