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November 22, 2022

“May your love be pure like an eagle

Wisdom be under every stone you turn

Let truth be your key to freedom and bind you

To the path that holds the light”

“7”, a song sung by singer songwriter William Prince is playing in the background as I contemplate writing this article on a quiet, magical snow covered Sunday morning. The song is cranked and I am dancing in my kitchen to it as I make coffee and toast. “7” refers to the the Seven Grandfather Teachings that are the principles of character that each Anishinaabe should live by. Love, Respect, Bravery, Truth, Honesty, Humility & Wisdom. William performed this song last night at his sold out concert at the Northern Lights Performing Arts Pavilion. William comes from Manitoba where he lives on the Peguis First Nation on the western shores of Lake Winnipeg. He wrote “7” for the Peguis graduating class with input from the students. When he performed this song last night he said “if you remember one thing I have to say tonight, remember this.” I also read that he said if he could leave one message for his son, it would be this song.

“Surrender your heart to the seven

Keep to the path that holds the light

Let respect be the law by which you're driven

'Cause respect it gets earned it ain't given”

William has a deep baritone voice that filled the theatre. He sings his songs and he talks about what is important to him. He thanks the creator for life. For music. For the audience. For our time together. He says thank you again and again. He sings about taking action and being a force for goodness in the world. “Do good things for goodness sake.” He sings and talks about his love for family, his parents, his partner and his son. William is Indigenous and his father was a preacher. William has produced several albums and in 2020 he produced “Gospel First Nation” in to explore the relationship between Indigenous people and Christianity.

I am mesmerized by him for the entire show. He has this beautiful baritone voice that fills the theatre, and to be honest fills my heart. His stories and songs let us know that he has had his challenges in life and is learning like all of us. He lives his life in relationship with something greater than himself. He is guided by Love. Light. By a desire for all people to have clean drinking water, good food and a home. And the Haliburton audience loved him. Two standing ovations. Cheering. And I know I wasn’t the only one in tears. It is so beautiful to witness a human so full of love, gratitude, hope, honesty, humour and have the ability to express it. I think everyone left the theatre inspired to be who they are and contribute. To give in the way that they can. My heart is so full. Now that is the way to go into a day!

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