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Updated: Jan 9

Tuesday August 15, 2023

Larry looked so handsome, dressed up in his dress pants and white shirt. Margaret was radiant in her colourful outfit. They were so happy to be out. I had the pleasure of sitting with them at the Abbey Gardens John McDermott concert. Larry and Margaret were out for the evening to celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary. Sitting with them was a delight. They are kind, attentive, happy, in love people. It was a beautiful evening and we were all sitting in the big tent that sits in a field surrounded by beauty. There were huge cumulonimbus clouds filling the sky. It is such a peaceful place for a concert. It felt magical. The opening act were 2 men from USA called Peter Porcelain and the American Standard. It was their first time in Haliburton and they were so happy to have been hosted by such kind people and performing in a really beautiful venue. Margaret, Larry,Jim and I were taking it all in.

Before John came out to perform, Margaret told me that she has been listening to John’s music for years and years and this was her first time seeing him live. She was excited. She explained that her favourite song was called “Voyage.” She hoped he would sing it. We listened to the opening band, we ate some snacks, had a drink and settled into our seats. As we waited for the show to begin, I found myself thinking about the things that we do to manage our inner well being, our inner happiness and why that is important, especially being married to the same person for 56 years. Each us has to to manage our inner well being if we want to stay in a relationship. We have to manage our happiness. I know for myself one thing I do is to pay attention, really soak in and savour moments when I am in joy, in beauty, in good company. I could feel that all of us were savouring this magical evening. We are just so lucky to have these opportunities that fill our souls. Moments like these make us feel happier and that has got to be good for a marriage.

Soon enough John and his band got onto the stage and the show began. To Margarets delight, his opening song was :Voyage which tells a love story about being in a relationship “I’m a sailor and you’re my first mate” and how they set off to sail determined not to fail. “They ride out storms and the doldrum in patience and hope. Working together they learn how to cope.” The chorus was “life is an ocean, love is a boat. In troubled waters it keeps us afloat.” There could not have been a more perfect song sung for these two love birds sitting beside me. Through their 56 years I am sure they have had lots of delight and lots of heart ache but they have continued to sail. Really it all comes back to love once again. We are all called to love! And that makes the world a happier place.

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