Welcome to Haliburton Yoga

                            Here’s our story.....

We are 7 dedicated and trained instructors.... of yoga.. meditation... qigong...zumba and pilates....

We are strong... flexible and happy people to  work with.  We offer a range of programs and work with people of  all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels.  We are all dedicated to looking after our clients and providing the best possible experience for you. 

We are attached to Haliburton Chiropractic who has a full complement of services to support your well being (chiropractic, registered massage therapy, acupuncture, Naturopathic doctor and laser treatment).  We take good care of our clients and help them find the services that meet their needs.

We look forward to meeting you in our beautiful Blue Sky Yoga Studio in  downtown Haliburton, Ontario.

Detailed information about what we offer:

Haliburton Yoga is  owned and coordinated  by Lynda Shadbolt. There are several instructors teaching  in our Blue Sky Yoga studio with a range of practices being offered.  We are a happy little studio with a great vibe.  We will do everything to help you find the right class for you. We all love what we do!

Here is what happens in our studio (each instructor has their own page on this website):

Mindfulness based hatha yoga and qigong classes for people of all ages with Lynda Shadbolt Monday  - Thursday each week. Lynda also offers several retreats including....

Wilderness and Wellness Island Retreat at YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth June 10 - 12, 2016

Island Yoga Retreats at YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth June 17 - 19 and September 16 - 18, 2016

Haliburton Meditation Group which meets regularly (usually on Sundays from 10 -11 am and Tuesdays from 11:15 -11:45 am)

Meditative Yoga on Fridays with Tina Koskelo

Vinyasa Yoga on Saturdays with Amanda Rico

Gentle Yoga on Saturdays with Miriam Patterson

Yoga, meditation and writing one Sunday a month with Barb Rosen

Zumba on Monday mornings, Tuesday early evenings and Thursday afternoons with Suzanne Haedicke... to contact Suzanne please email her at suzanne.zumba@gmail.com

Pilates, kick boxing and other fitness programs from Monday - Friday with Kathy Carey. To contact Kathy please email her at kcfitness77@hotmail.com

Thank you for checking out my website, and please don’t hesitate to call or write me with any questions that you have. 

The picture above is of my daughter, Madeline,  and  me on a camping adventure with friends at the Pic Island Lookout, overlooking Lake Superior in August 2011.  The picture was taken by the very talented photographer - Tamara Poropat.  Many of the pictures, most of the pictures, on my website are taken by Barb Fraser, a beautiful yogini who lives in Haliburton and catches all the beauty that is around her in her photographs.

                                               Lynda Shadbolt

                                               Haliburton Yoga

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